This large woodland mural was painted on an exterior wall in the garden of a children’s day nursery in Shoreham. It was a big job spanning 9 meters in total length & 7 foot in height. Below you can see the wall was before I started work on it, it was very dull & made the garden uninteresting for the children. I was given a ‘woodland’ theme to work from by my client and asked to make the garden look warm, inviting & interesting for the daycares toddlers.

i came up with an idea & set about designing a forrest which branched out from a clearing where the sun was just dawning across the landscape & shining a warm yellow glow. I painted a deer and her fawn in the centre which gives the mural a peaceful atmosphere. I also added lots of little hidden creatures like rabbits and birds and bugs for the children to find & some larger animals like the wolf & fox who prowl the woodlands. The badgers from the homepage image are tucked into the alcove at the other end, I came up with the idea of a badgers burrow to make the recess in the wall more interesting. The mural was a massive hit at the nursery opening & even the major came to see it. The mural took a day to design on paper & once the costs & design work were agreed I painted the mural for 5 days.