I painted 11 life size replica’s of various Dinosaurs for Paradise Park’s outdoor activity centre in Newhaven, you can see more on my home page. I received a phone enquiry from the management asking if I would visit & quote for the painting of 11 life size dinosaurs. It was only when I arrived & saw them for the first time that I realised they were massive 3D Dinosaur models! I was asked if I would consider taking on such a large job, as they had already had many artists & decorators visit who would not even attempt the task. Of course I jumped at the chance, It was such an unusual & exciting job! The Dinosaurs had not been painted in years & as such had started to lose their former glory which had caused the visitors interest to wane. I needed to paint the dinosaurs in a waterproof hard wearing paint that would hold it’s colour and stand up to the exterior elements. My brief for the design was to add patina to the skin & make it look more lifelike, I was told the colours could be as bright as I wanted, as long as it would bring interest back to the dinosaurs at the theme park. Once I had finished painting each dinosaur the PP team would spray clear car lacquer over them to seal the paint & give them even more protection against the harsh British weather.

Below you can see the stages Triceratops went through in his makeover