Pricing varies depending on the length of time the artwork takes to complete & the cost of materials involved, i.e: paints, canvases and any special equipment. For this reason pricing starts out at £80 for a black & grey A3 portrait drawn on paper with pencil, graphite and/or charcoal with one subject. The larger the artwork, or more complicated it is – the more time it takes to complete, therefore it will cost more. A great deal of time is spent perfecting artwork for our clients, each piece has to be right & we don’t stop until the client is 100% happy. A photo of the completed artwork is always emailed to be ‘signed off’ by the client before it is posted out, and all items are posted tracked, insured & signed for. If you do not see your destination below we will be happy to work it out for you, all items are sent well packaged, insured & tracked. The tables below offer a guide price for different mediums, sizes and subjects. ‘Sub’ stands for ‘subject’ and means 1 human or animal. The sizes of paper & canvas below can be in either portrait or landscape orientation depending upon your requirements. If you are looking for specific dimensions not listed here – we are able to order many other sizes of canvas & paper so please ask.

Portrait on paper in pencil/graphite or charcoal


Portrait painted in acrylics on ‘deep edge’ canvas in colour or black & white

The prices below are for original artwork hand painted onto quality ‘deep edge’ canvases. If you a require a size that is not listed we can order a specific size for you. We can also paint onto any reclaimed wood or other surface, please get in touch if this is what you require. These prices are for black and white or colour paintings with animal or human subjects. The column for ‘detailed background’ is only if you require a very detailed background, most people like a coloured background that is relatively plain, a more detailed background requires more time to complete & is more expensive because of this.
Example of costs worked out from table below;
A 20x16in portrait of two dogs is £220 + £65 = £285  + postage to London @ £12.50 = £297.50



Murals can vary greatly depending upon the size of the wall/s, and what the client wants the theme or subject matter to be, and how much detail this requires. For this reason it is very important that you send as much information as possible to attain a proper estimate for these services. We need to know the dimensions & condition of the wall/s, including photos of it/them, plus any reference images you have of the artwork you envisage & where the property is located that will house the mural. We offer a free, no obligation consultation on site if the premises is located within a 15 mile radius of Brighton BN2, outside of this area there is a small charge per mile to cover expenses, but this will be taken off your final balance due if you decide to have a mural painted by Brighton Wall Art.

To give you some idea of costs, here are some of our previous murals, with details of which area they were in, how long they took & how much they cost to complete. If you would like a free, no obligation quote please get in touch via the ‘Contact’ tab.

The nursery ceiling – ‘Cloud blanket’

This cloud mural was a big job. We were commissioned by an interior designer to paint the ceiling in a nursery for her client. I brought a tower to stand on & several step ladders. The placing of the artwork made this take longer than it would have if it was just on a wall, and because of the angle it wasn’t the most comfortable of jobs! The mural took 5 days to complete, the house was in Hove, East Sussex & I supplied all the materials needed to complete the cloud effect. The blue base coat had already been applied by the decorator. This mural cost £800.40 including all materials & equipment.

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Fulham Fireplace Mural

This mural was painted on a living room wall in Kilburn in North London in Trompe l’oeil style – meaning ‘to trick the eye’. It took 23 hours to complete not including travelling from Brighton, or lunch breaks. The total balance due when this mural was completed – £594

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